5 Benefits to Traveling Abroad

Most teenager’s travel experience has come from family trips. Traveling with family is a great way for kids to gain new experiences… get out of their daily routines and begin to explore all that the world has to offer. As kids make the difficult transition from childhood to young adulthood… they often want to spread their wings and explore their world with a little extra freedom and responsibility. 

Gap Alumni Spotlight: Becca Solot, Drew Beasley & Nicole Dhar

One of the biggest perks of working in the gap year field is the opportunity to get to know our students. These young adults are not only willing to buck the trends by stepping off the traditional educational treadmill for a semester or year to do something drastically different, but are doing so with an eagerness and earnestness to see the world, gain new perspectives, give back through hands-on service, form deep and intentional friendships, develop skills and hone their passions during their gap year. There’s no better way to learn what the ARCC Gap Year experience is all about than to learn from those who have gone before.

High School Summer Travel Programs with Unique Destinations

High school summer travel programs are an experience of a lifetime for teens. They also provide a wealth of benefits. Our students immerse in new cultures, gain historical perspective, and lend a helpful hand on meaningful service projects. High school participants not only get a broader vision of the world but can help impact it for the better.