Elephant Conservation in Thailand: ARCC Spotlight Service Project

There is something mysteriously majestic and almost human about the earth’s largest land mammal: the human-like eyes, the muscular grandeur, the millions of wrinkles suggesting the wisdom of the ages. Elephants are unimaginably strong, immeasurably smart, and undeniably interesting, which is why no trip to Thailand is complete without an interaction with these creatures. This is why the spotlight service project of our Thailand: Elephant Experience trip focuses on conserving these incredible mammals by learning…

2017 Alumni Photo Contest Winners

A few weeks ago we launched our 2017 Alumni Photo Contest with the theme “What does and ARCC Program mean to you?” Boy were we thrilled by all the incredible entries. There were hundreds entries and votes and needless to say some pretty phenomenal photos from ARCC alumni. After tallying the votes we have selected the winners who shared photos and captions from their ARCC programs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!