Barona DiNapoli

Barona began leading programs for ARCC in 2018. Her first formative international experience took place in Costa Rica during a college ecology and community service program. That was followed by a semester studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador, which enabled her to become fluent in Spanish. Post-college, Barona began working with youth at a YMCA camp for girls, then moved to Costa Rica where she worked at an environmental education center hosting groups of American students (similar to ARCC students). Barona’s next steps took her to Denver where she worked through AmeriCorps as a mentor for middle and high school students. Though she learned a lot working in the public school system, she was eager to return to the world of experiential education, which is when she found ARCC. Barona has led three programs for ARCC summer, but is excited to lead Gap to get to know students better and over a longer period of time, to delve deeper into issues related to our global community, and mentor students through this unique time in their life. When not leading, Barona loves working on farms, cooking, sewing, painting, and natural building. Someday she hopes to build her own cob house with eco-friendly, natural, and recycled materials.