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The Washtenaw Voice

A gap year doesn’t mean a gap in learning

When my best friend Louisa graduated from high school, she and I bought plane tickets to Hidalgo, Mexico and left to help teach English at an elementary school.

We spent a year putting on school programs and events, reading storybooks, making crafts with sticky-handed four-year-olds, and meeting Louisa’s extended family.

I learned, felt, saw, touched, tasted, heard and experienced so much during that year. My Spanish-speaking skills increased, I gained a whole new family, and I knew for sure that I wanted to major in elementary education.

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Albuquerque Business First

More high school graduates are taking a gap year before college. Here’s what parents need to know.

The idea of taking a gap year before college — a long-accepted practice in countries like Norway, Denmark, and Turkey, where more than 50% of students postpone college for a year — is starting to gain traction in the U.S. Contrary to the perception that a student who takes a gap year is either academically troubled or “backpacking around Europe,” many of today’s gap-year students have secured their college placement and understand that taking a break can have significant, long-lasting benefits.

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The Daily Princetonian

Take a gap year

As a sophomore, it is a daily occurrence for me to hear my friends utter phrases such as “maybe I’ll take a gap year,” “I need a break,” or — best yet — “I think I’ll drop out.” There are a lot of stress factors here at Princeton — academically and socially — and sophomore year seems to be around the time when people start to feel the effects of an approaching…

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America’s (small) New Trend: Taking a Gap Year

Gap years have long been popular in Europe and Australia. Now, a small but growing group of U.S. teens and their parents are jumping aboard the gap year trend.

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